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Suzhou do high-temperature magnet manufacturers ( Which good list address)

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Suzhou magnet manufacturers is introduced in the suzhou area, there are also some greatly small magnet manufacturers, in numerous permanent magnets supplier, if you want to find a reliable and word of mouth good suzhou local magnet manufacturer also is not easy, today, Ricky magnet card xiaofu to organize a suzhou magnet company list, for your reference. Suzhou magnet manufacturer list ( Baidu ranked, have priority to the club's official website, does not represent the company strength rank) A, suzhou sheng magnetic industry co. , LTD. 1, the company introduced in suzhou sheng magnetic industry co. , LTD. Is a professional production and sales of various magnetic materials enterprises. Company headquarters is located in ningbo cixi economic development zone, covers an area of 50000 square meters. Machinable pieces, ring, column, watts, fan, bows, etc. Products of various shapes, has two production lines of ferrite, produce all kinds of ferrite magnet 100 tons; Two ndfeb production lines, nissan 50 tons of all kinds in high-grade ndfeb magnet; Rubber magnetic line 2. 2, the company address 740 fenchyl pavilion in suzhou industrial park avenue 3, the company's web site http://www. 中升, 磁铁。 Com 2, and suzhou according to magnetic materials co. , LTD. 1, in accordance with the company introduction suzhou, magnetic materials co. , LTD. Is a focus on magnetic materials research and development, production and sales, consists of hardware factory. We mainly produces N series, SH series, UH case, EH patients, AH, such as from N30 to N52 performance products. 2, the company address changshu villages 108 shinyo avenue 3, corporate web site, http://www. yncicai。 Com/three, suzhou abbott magnetic industry co. , LTD. 1, the company introduced suzhou abbott magnetic industry co. , LTD. Is a company dedicated to research and development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, production, sales as one of the high-tech private enterprises. Company in suzhou is composed of a group of professional sales personnel for domestic and international sales company, owns two production bases in zhejiang, the main high performance sintered ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet materials and products. 2, the factory address in wujiang, suzhou city, jiangsu province area, 58 and road 3, website address http://www. aiboteci。 . net/four products co. , LTD, suzhou jin's son strong magnet 1, factory introduce suzhou jin's son powerful magnet products co. , LTD. , founded in 2011, is located in the famous historical and cultural city - China Suzhou city, jiangsu province. Production and sales of various types of powerful magnets, containing rare earth permanent magnet, ndfeb magnet, ferrite, rubber magnetic, special-shaped magnet, high temperature resistant strength magnets and magnetic products. 2, 3 company address wuzhong district suzhou city huiyuan industrial park, enterprise web site, http://www. jhcitie。 Com/v, suzhou Yang jie electronic co. , LTD. 1, the company introduction suzhou jie electronics co. , LTD. , founded in 2000, main products have ndfeb ( 钕铁硼) , aluminum nickel and cobalt, AIniCo) , samarium cobalt ( SmCo) , ferrite ( Ferrite/Ceramic) Such as the magnet. 2, the company address in suzhou wuzhong district wood professional west road no. 111 3, corporate web site, http://www. okmagnet。 com/index_cn。 Six, jiangsu road HTML lang introduces magnetic materials co. , LTD. 1, jiangsu road lang magnetic materials co. , LTD is a professional engaged in the magnet research, development, manufacture, sales and service enterprises. Main products are series of sintered ndfeb, rubber molding, high temperature resistant, samarium cobalt sintered ferrite permanent magnet, etc. 2, the company address in suzhou mudu town, wuzhong district 88 maple red road 3, the enterprise website http://www. lulangmagnet。 Com/suzhou magnet manufacturer which is better? There is no best, only better. Xiaofu think that suits your company is good, Such as the terms of payment, the magnet price, magnet minimum quantity and service, etc. ) Above, lists some suzhou magnet processing plant for you, hope to help you choose the magnet supplier! Understanding Ricky magnet card friends know we are a high performance high precision hard magnet manufacturer, in fact we didn't need to find the magnet supplier have to find a local. Such as magnets have mould, such as price advantage can consider, so has the need to offer, proofing magnet customers can also contact us directly. Ricky magnet card manufacturer's main product categories: radial rotor magnet ferrite magnet motor abnormity of bonded ndfeb strong magnet
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