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sushi name and shame game

by:Newland     2019-09-26
If you are an American sushi fan, you may face a moral dilemma.
Most likely the sushi you eat comes from a company that sells whale meat.
True World Foods, the largest sushi supplier in the United States, buys frozen fish from Kyokuyo in Tokyo, Japan, which also sells and distributes whales.
On Tuesday, London-based and Washington, D. C. -based lobbying group Environmental Research called on real world food companies to persuade their Japanese partners to stop profiting from whaling.
\"The real world food company will realize that its customers don\'t want it to have any connection with whaling,\" said EIA investigator Claire Perry . \".
Last year, Kyokuyo, apparently trying to keep a distance from the industry, sold a stake in a whaling company that, with the permission of the Japanese government, conducted \"scientific\" whaling.
However, EIA says it is still a major retailer and distributor. Kyokuyo-
You can find a brand of whale meat for sale online.
The New Scientist asked real world food to comment, but the company did not respond at our press conference. The company offers more than 6000 restaurants in the United States.
Environmental impact assessment reports that since Kyokuyo was founded in the 1930 s, it has profited from the deaths of more than 130,000 large whales, including 10,000 since the ban on commercial whaling in 1986
Kyokuyo also sells whale meat from the South Ocean Reserve, established by the International Whaling Commission in 1994.
Meanwhile, the Japanese whaling team is preparing for this year\'s expedition.
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