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Super salvage salvage what are the characteristics of ndfeb magnets in the water?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Most of the sea, river, lake tourist attractions are underwater sundries, sediment, or COINS are made of metal, iron ingredients, so has a relatively simple in the salvage opportunistic method, that is to use the magnet will be sucked up, as long as enough magnet suction, can save a lot of manpower material resources, better salvage efficiency, with strong salvage, salvage ndfeb magnets in the water all kinds of underwater salvage operations have become much more worry, convenient, are also the effective help for people, we can together to learn about some of these features. Magnetic hook product introduction: 1, material: magnetic hook ndfeb magnets + + 304 stainless steel A3 steel, commonly known as 'magnetic' pot 2, the characteristics of the magnetic link: 1) Magnetic force strong, small size; 2) Powerful magnetic only focused on one side of magnet is not easy to fracture (3) Free to holding or movement in the iron metal surface; 4) Permanent magnetic force, long service life. 3, the purpose of the magnetic link: adsorption in security doors, refrigerator, iron and other objects, daily office, warehouse, receive such use. This class can be in super salvage ndfeb magnets in the water fishing products, a little bit more simple of ferrite can be used, if the adsorption force is larger, can use the lifting magnet in the above, according to the different needs of customers, size of adsorption force requirements, you only need to tell the star magnets and magnetic industry manufacturer you need to how many kilograms of products can be adsorbed, so there are two of the benefits of the product, the first thing is to be able to have enough suction, and the size of the suction can be artificially controlled, which makes everyone can according to need of the items of size, weight, etc to adjust the suction of ndfeb magnets, can achieve better cost control, as well as the effect of suction control, can bring about a better use effect. There are several types of this kind of magnetic hook, can household refrigerator, kitchen, or warehouse, office so as to make the people when they are in use at ordinary times also is more convenient, it also let everybody in the usual use, also can enjoy a better experience, let everyone in these respects, enjoy the wonderful effect, get good effect.
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