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Summary of the listed company in _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Is the first big ndfeb production in our country, with the strength of ascension to emerge a batch of ndfeb listed companies. Zhongke three-ring is ndfeb leading enterprises, it is the world's summary, the second largest production enterprises. Listed below is the summary of the listed company of the nation's basic situation. 1. Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan High - Tech Co. , Ltd. , A stock code: 000970. Company is China's largest producer of rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb, is currently the only manufacturer with international ndfeb permanent magnet power of enterprises, with efficient motor ndfeb production accounted for 20% of the company's total output. 2. Sinosteel Anhui Tianyuan Technology Co. , Ltd. , A stock code: 002057. Big shareholders sinosteel has raw materials - from magnetic materials Magnetic materials ( Soft magnetic, magnetic) - - - - - - Magnetic device - Magnetic material application of the whole industry chain, the product of electrolytic metal manganese, four oxidation three manganese, Sr ferrite under-burnt clinker and devices, ndfeb and magnetic separation and related auxiliary equipment, etc. 3. Taiyuan twin towers corundum co. , LTD. , A stock code: 000795. 1 the company investment. 600 million yuan development of high-grade ndfeb magnet material, production capacity of 1000 tons. 4. Antai technology co. , LTD. , A stock code: 000969. 1 the company investment. 500 million is used for high performance bond of rare earth permanent magnet, high performance of rare earth permanent magnet sintering production, the scale of production is 1000 tons. 5. Ningbo l co. , LTD. , A stock code: 600366. The company is the second largest ndfeb manufacturers, domestic has great advantages in terms of magnetic electromechanical integration. 6. Beijing Shougang Co. , Ltd. , A stock code: 000959. Companies to participate in project investment of ndfeb magnet production scale around 500 tons. 7. Tianjin Jinbin Development Co. , Ltd, A stock code: 000897. Company's marina, tianjin new materials industry ( 74. A 56% stake) Is one of sintered ndfeb large enterprises in our country, in production, high-grade in the performance of the large-scale, profiled magnets is given priority to, with 300 tons and 400 tons of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb production capacity.
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