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Summary of rare earth permanent magnet material _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Summary of rare earth permanent magnet material in the late 1960 s rare earth permanent magnet, rare earth elements in the application of magnetic materials is increasing, now have a cerium, praseodymium, neodymium and samarium and dysprosium> element is used to permanent magnetic materials, and the variety and performance both in developing and improving. With the development of modern industry and technology, the demand for rare earth permanent magnet material quantity is becoming more and more big. From the statistics, the world of rare earth permanent magnetic material production has been more than 30000 tons per year. In a broad sense, all can be magnetization of the magnetic field, the main use of material in the practical application of magnetic properties of materials as magnetic materials. It includes hard magnetic materials, magnetic materials, semi-hard magnetic materials, magnetostrictive material, magneto optical materials, magnetic bubble and magnetic refrigeration materials, etc. , one of the biggest dosage was hard magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials. Hard magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials is the main difference between hard magnetic material anisotropy field, high coercive force, high magnetic hysteresis loop area is large, big technology magnetized to saturation magnetic field. Because of the low coercive force of soft magnetic materials, technology after removing magnetized to saturation and the external magnetic field, it is easy to demagnetization, magnetic materials, hard due to the high coercive force, after technical magnetized to saturation and remove magnetic field, it still keeps strong magnetic, so hard magnetic material is also called permanent magnet or permanent magnetic materials. Ancient times, people use the natural magnetite ore grinding into the required shape, used to guide or attract iron device, the compass is one of the four great inventions of ancient China, the human civilization and social progress made important contributions. In modern times, the study and application of magnetic material happened after the industrial revolution, and in a short period of time to get rapid development. Nowadays, the research and application of magnetic materials in both the breadth or depth are incomparable before, all kinds of high performance magnetic materials, especially the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials and application of modern industry and the development of high-tech industry plays a huge role in promoting.
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