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Summary of four kinds of surface treatment

by:Newland     2020-05-03
1, ndfeb oil removal: alkaline agent, emulsifying agent, and organic oil removal on the summary of corrosion resistance is very small, in addition to the oil and water after washing easy to rust, form yellow rust film. Easy oxidation of 2, ndfeb, pickling, ndfeb, easily moisture absorption, neodymium can shorten the processing step can reduce the ndfeb province consumption, the larger part of corrosion on the ndfeb produced in the process of pickling, relatively dilute nitric acid + corrosion inhibitor application more, pickling, shorter time, because of dilute nitric acid oxidation, easy cause neodymium iron oxide, dilute nitric acid liquid quickly change from colorless to yellow, main points and neodymium iron compounds form; Pickling time is too long, the surface dust, not easy cleaning, acid pickling surface after in the activated state, are more likely to rust. 3, ndfeb passivation: summary of the production process is different from stainless steel, etc, are formed by melting mainly powder adhesive and forming, sintering neodymium, iron, and boron intercrystalline structure is compact, is containing the bonding agent of microporous material, more strong oxidizing acid passivation solution will only increase the corrosion; Alkaline passivation solution used for ferrous products ( Including the passivation of stainless steel, the effect is relatively general) , general alkaline passivation solution used in ndfeb is main or temporary antirust effect, and closed after processing, the effect can be better, and passivation of alkaline degreasing, washing, pickling, washing, passivation, water washing, such as step cannot little, closed, or even clean with alcohol, working hours and cost is relatively large; Phosphating surface treatment used in ndfeb, can only be temporary rust role, and complex process. 4, ndfeb hole sealing treatment: ndfeb hole sealing are mainly used for electroplating or electroless plating pretreatment, spray paint bubble also need to hole sealing after processing. Ndfeb four unity processing: based on the analysis of neodymium, iron, and process, the development of oil removal, rust removal, passivation rust and hole sealing four unity, normal temperature ( Temperature of 30 - Better 40 degrees) , the use of ultrasound with ndfeb four unified treatment fluid do cleaning processing, time, generally in about 10 minutes, less for the surface grease, only present floating rust ( Not rusty spot) The ndfeb products are suitable for do the joining together of four processing, the effect is better than that of phosphating, very suitable for post-processing technology ( Post-processing: electroplating, electroless plating, electrostatic painting, epoxy resin) 。 Ndfeb four unity of surface treatment before the aim is to develop simple and effective treatment, ndfeb treatment process, the more consumption is even greater.
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