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Suction diameter 8 mm10mm12mm15mm20mm neodymium magnet and magnetic reference table

by:Newland     2020-04-11
So-and-so size magnets its suction have how old? Can suck? Table magnetic energy to achieve? About this kind of problem is very much, often have the customer call asked, most of the time we will not just tell the customer, because the magnet and the influence of its performance, specifications, size, shape, adsorption materials, adsorption methods have relations, the best proofing concrete test magnet. Xiaofu is illustrated below for your arrangement about the diameter of 8 mm10mm12mm15mm20mm neodymium magnet magnetic suction and table reference. These magnets specifications are also customers, which are frequently used, of course, different materials used in different magnet manufacturer values may be slightly different. The company magnet manufacturers selling, welcome your consultation custom magnets, magnetic steel. Associated with this article; How many suction magnet 3000 gauss? Strong magnet diameter 2 mm3mm4mm5mm6mm suction and surface magnetic field intensity
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