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students at work to save water | nagpur news - times of india

by:Newland     2019-09-21
Nagpur: It\'s a pleasant sight to watch the prodigy develop a unique water-saving model together, as the water consumed has become a major area of concern.
This task requires great efforts and children are doing their best to contribute to this work in order to save lifeline-water at any cost.
Kids studying in Std VII to X are busy looking for solutions to problemsday model-
On Friday, the production competition organized by LAD and Smt RP Women\'s College began as part of the Water Literacy Year.
Some 150 students are working on their unique models.
When some fixed electrical connections, others scramble to straighten their models.
Some people even write their own commands in the model.
Each of these wizards has a shared vision of saving water.
The panel of judges is composed of members of the committee, pradanya balrao, environmental protection activist tamville Milza and 20year-
Ajinkya Kottawar, an old scientist with 16 patents.
Brain CD models at work Arya Pusadkar and Std hi Duggal are students of Trimurti Nagar BVM Std VII who have made a model to suppress spills in the ocean
Rotate the CD to attract the floating oil and then separate it by a pipe attached to its top.
Prototypes can be developed in aluminum and connected to vessels and cruise ships using UV-purified water, Mahipal Singh and Arnab Haaldar of Shri Guru Harkrishan Public Schools, A model has been established to treat both industrial waste and domestic sewage.
This model saves gallons of water every day. Ferti-
Tile Falgun Sukhija, Tanmay Paric and Van Gogh Singh, School of the student\'s central station, Katol Road, have developed two ferti-
Ceramic tile and industrial water treatment facilities. Ferti-
The tiles are made of domestic sewage, cow feces and coconut shells, and the cab is used for construction purposes.
Industrial wastewater containing a high level of phosphate in the second model can be used by using it as a raw material for weeds and can be recycled to power the plant and can be used to generate electricity with the help of turbines.
The waste of water is zero because it can recycle and reuse ship prototypes, which come with Bluetooth and built-in programs that provide an excellent solution to clean the river.
The ship consists of nd magnets on both sides that attract coins and other iron objects fixed on the bed.
Baskets on both sides can collect algae and other waste.
The ship can be built for rs30000 to download the India Times news app for the latest city.
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