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Strong ndfeb magnetic energy to suck up pure gold?

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Strong ndfeb magnetic permeability is greater than air absorption of any object, only in our daily life can come into contact with the magnetic permeability is greater than air object only iron, cobalt, nickel, and these three metal alloys. Gold this non magnetic conductivity metal, permeability is zero, so can't suck, if the absorb, regret to tell you that that is not pure gold. Below said attracted by strong ndfeb magnetic principle: everything from metal atomic structure, material is mostly made up of molecules, molecular is made of atoms, atoms are composed of atomic nuclei and electrons. From inside the atom, the electronic constant rotation, and rotate around the nucleus. These two movement produces magnetic electrons. But in most materials, electronic movement in the direction of each are not identical, desultorily, magnetic cancel each other out. Therefore, most material under normal circumstances, do not present magnetic. Such as iron, cobalt, nickel or ferrite ferromagnetic kind material is different, its internal electron spin can spontaneously lined up in a small scope, forming a spontaneous magnetization, the spontaneous magnetization area is called magnetic domain. Ferromagnetic kind material after magnetization, internal magnetic domain uniformly lined up neatly, direction, make the magnetic strengthen, constitute a magnet. Strong ndfeb magnetic iron absorption process is the magnetization process of iron, the magnetized iron and magnet attraction between different polarity, iron firmly and magnet 'stick' together. He is said to be the magnet magnetic.
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