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Strong ndfeb magnetic characteristics

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Rare earth ndfeb strong magnet is used intermetallic compound Nd2Fe14B based permanent magnet materials. Rare earth ndfeb has high coercive force and magnetic product can, and high energy density is unique rare earth ndfeb permanent magnetic material has been widely used in industrial and electronic technology, and then make the instrumentation equipment, electronic motor, magnetic separation of magnetizing machine equipment such as possible the miniaturization, lightweight, thin. The advantage of rare earth ndfeb is economical and practical, with excellent mechanical properties; Existence lies in the deficiency of the Curie point temperature is low, the characteristics of the Curie temperature, corrosion, and easy pulverization need by adjusting the composition and the way to improve the electroplating process, can only be reached the standard of actual application. Sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials using the powder metallurgy process, after melting alloy made of powder and in magnetic medium pressure pressing, pressing in inert gas or vacuum sintering densification, because must improve the coercive force of magnets, generally need to be aging heat treatment. Why the previous: strong magnets rust spots and avoid method next article: we should how to distinguish the plating quality
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