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Strong ndfeb magnet production - the first line of process smelting

by:Newland     2020-03-17
Magnets have to introduce the production process before, not clear can click to read the sintered ndfeb production technology process, motor magnetic steel factory card today Ricky small make up to introduce it as a first line of technology - for you Smelting. Melting section after the ingredients, this step is mainly responsible for the good material for casting or ingot casting, the two were completed by a big furnace and small furnace. Melting is very important in the production of sintered ndfeb strong magnet technology, alloy melting furnace to produce jilt belt, the process must be temperature reached 1300 degrees, for four hours to complete. Through this process, the magnet raw material after heating, cooling and processing into alloy plate, then the next process, hydrogen and broken. Below for everyone to explain cast piece of melting: what we need in smelting equipment tools, auxiliary materials are basically the same, such as gloves, masks, lighting, etc. , in comparison of the ingot casting process is complicated, when casting pieces need to pay attention to wear so as not to burn. Second, lifting should first check the equipment such as wire rope, carefully but also need to be done in no man's land. Third, the need to pay attention to when pouring anomalies, only in the absence of abnormal can continue; Fourth, replacement of tundish operation need to wear masks, reduce the dust harm to human body, prevent the pollution of human body of casting slice, prevent scratch the body. Magnet ( Ndfeb strong magnet) Melting section on subsequent pulverizing, magnetic field orientation and the influence of sintering all play a crucial, so link processes improper, will be irreversible influence on the overall performance of magnets. That is about strong ndfeb magnet production - the first line of process Smelting is introduced, the article data from the network, edited by Ricky network card to share. More about magnet production process; Magnet production technology outside circular grinding magnet production process and the fifth way technology: isostatic pressing
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