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Strong ndfeb magnet magnetization direction introducing ''

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Strong ndfeb magnet magnetization direction is introduced: generally strong ndfeb magnets are divided into axial magnetization and radial magnetization. Magnetization: 1, axial magnetization, is ordinary general N and S poles, if is wafer on both sides, if is a cylinder is at both ends. 2, radial magnetizing: general columns is more, after magnetization of magnetic force on the cylinder, rather than ends, just the opposite with the axial magnetization. Here focuses on square strong ndfeb magnet magnetization direction: the purpose of the square is very wide, many clients in the size and properties of the square, the magnetization direction when asked if they need to what kind of service, customers generally said don't know, don't know. Want to know the magnetization direction is not the same as quotation is distinct, and the magnetization direction if the mistaken, then make strong ndfeb magnets are useless. The square: mainly for the magnetic direction is generally square rushed in thickness, F30 * 10 * 5 m, for example, if the magnetization is thickness it should be 5, so the suction side of the magnet is in 30 * 10 both bedding face, general magnet SN poles level, that is to say, the square magnet in the 30 S * 10 both general.
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