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Strong magnetic application and function of the medical sensors _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Magnet all of us are very familiar with, is widely used in all areas of our lives, many products will be useful to, today with you said the magnet is used in the medical sensors, main effect is what? 1, the contact force sensor used in infusion pump, to ensure that the conveying liquid medicine to the patient's insulin infusion pump and pump pipe unimpeded. 2, air flow sensors for gas chromatograph, medical chromatograph need to accurately monitor and regulate the flow of gas. Because of air sensors in the ceramic pipe can avoid outgassing phenomenon, thus it can improve the accuracy and reliability of the chromatograph. 3, with instruments of sensor applied in hospital diagnosis, such as air flow sensor is used to regulate airflow velocity of gas chromatograph, contact force and position sensor automatic robot control laboratory. 4, used for blood analyzer thermistor element of temperature sensor, is used to monitor load room, diffuse light and the temperature of the oil cooled motor, in order to avoid overheating, such as overheating, immediately stop to make it cool. 5, gas flow sensor for anesthesia machine, can measure the flow of air, oxygen and nitric oxide, supply the patient's gas composition is appropriate, meet the doctor set standards. Thermistor element temperature sensor, monitoring anesthesia machine sends out the air temperature/humidity, can make the patient comfortable breathing, still can avoid inhaling dry cold air caused by the throat. 6, used for monitoring instrument sensors, pressure sensors, the gas flow sensor can be used for respiratory monitoring, special-shaped magnet manufacturer to show the key index about breathing. Plug in the pressure sensor used for monitoring blood pressure and glucose monitoring. 7, applied to the air flow sensor of sleep apnea machine, when the patient began to exhale, sensors that send signals to sleep breathing machine to reduce ventilator fan speed, so as to avoid the patient feel discomfort in against machine, humidity sensor, to monitor the humidity of the air, accurate measuring the dew point and absolute humidity or moisture content, in order to supply the patient appropriate humidity of the air. 8, used for blood cell analyzer, infrared sensors, infrared sensor used for blood cell analyzer, can be used with pump shaft encoder on the merger, to compute the number of pump shaft rotation, when the opaque objects after encapsulation clearance block infrared channel, the sensors can detect. 9, is applied to medical breathing machine humidity sensor, help pump humid air, make the patient feel comfortable, when water is introduced into air, must be paid to the monitoring and control. That is about the magnet in the application and effect of medical sensor is introduced, in addition to the medical sensors, there are many sensors are used to the magnet. The company for the magnet direct manufacturers, if need to use your products to the magnet, please contact us, Telephone or online message)
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