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Strong magnet price has something to do with what? 「」

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Strong magnet price is mainly related to the following points: first, performance requirements, namely magnetic performance, if the performance requirements of the magnet is very high, so the higher the price the strong magnet. Example: N40 performance is a lot more expensive than N35 magnet performance, therefore, must according to their own needs to choose the appropriate performance. Number two, batch size: needless to say, to buy things, of course, is the more the more favorable the price is, the smaller the number, the higher the processing cost. Three, shape, specifications: generally the more complex the shape of the magnet, the higher the processing cost,, such as alien's strong magnet price will become much more expensive than the round. Four, tolerance dimensions: there are some customers is to do foreign trade, so the tolerance is very strict, this is a factor affect the strong magnet price, the more strict with tolerance and appearance, the higher the processing cost, naturally the price will be a little bit expensive. To buy things, of course, choose the good quality will worry a lot; Because of your little, only give money to the moment is the heartache, and use it every time you are happy every day!
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