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Strong magnet price

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Recently many vendors exclaimed how strong magnet prices so quick, strong magnet price why suddenly rose, and strong magnet price is determined by what? Indeed in strong magnet prices when we production and processing vendors sometimes will be caught off guard. So what this year's strong magnetic price increases under the strong magnet manufacturers simply said this year the state environmental protection policy tightening, shut down many abnormal rare-earth mining companies, mining under strict control, total heavy rare earths in tengchong, the customs may shut down lead to import difficulties, further reducing the stock market, since May 2019, the country a number of consecutive for rare earth mining, processing and trade controls a series of policies, in June, the ministry has organized to complete the rare earth products packaging, mark, transportation and storage of the formulation of the mandatory, rare earth belongs to the national strategic reserves at the same time, the market panic speculation in recent two months of strong magnet prices soared above is roughly the reason about strong magnet price rises in price, strong magnet manufacturer specializing in the production of strong magnet for 13 years. On a paper: high quality magnets manufacturer next up: the use of the powerful magnets and matters needing attention
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