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Strong magnet manufacturers spread scientific '' how to choose and buy the magnet is

by:Newland     2020-05-02
Looking for a strong magnet manufacturers purchase magnets, the first to clearly know your needs, so you can buy their products right magnets, under the strong magnet manufacturers come to popularize important points: one, the magnet estimates of working environment temperature, humidity, and the special requirements of assembly on; Second, the requirements of magnet performance, specifications, size tolerance, surface treatment, quality requirements; Three, what are your acceptance criteria or measurement methods, If there is a resistance to salt fog requirements) ; Four, the special requirements of transportation and packing, Whether you need to add gasket or magnetic separation packaging) ; Five, the batch size strong magnet manufacturers may do the following: 1, can customize according to your drawings processing, magnetization according to customer requirements 2, according to customer requirements, can provide plating nickel, zinc, gold, black epoxy, etc. 3, according to user requirements to provide square, wafer, irregular shaped block, cylinder, ring, tile and other strong magnetic.
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