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Strong magnet manufacturers commonly used three kinds of production process!

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Ndfeb magnet is one of the permanent magnet, it has a very high coercive force hc, the maximum magnetic energy product and remanence br, magnetic stability is very good, to much lighter weight than ordinary magnet, so its application range is very wide, almost involved in all walks of life. In the daily production ndfeb prices ranging from $one hundred to several hundred, according to varies from one of the machining process. In daily production generally commonly used three kinds of ndfeb magnet production process, the sintering process, bonding process and injection molding process, let's look at the specific process of connotation. Process of sintered ndfeb magnet is magnetic material by airflow grinding into powder, and then into the smelting furnace smelting as specified in specifications of the whole material, this kind of process to produce ndfeb magnet coercive force is very high, and has more than ten times more than ordinary ferrite magnetic energy product. The production of this kind of ndfeb prices have certain standards, relatively not differ too much. After it in a production molding, can according to need to cut into the shape of various products, but its surface chemical activity is higher, so must be in the surface electroplating processing, commonly used is zinc nickel plating. Bonded ndfeb magnets process and sintering process compared with the finished product price of ndfeb, mainly because it is a integrated, an operation is completed, no longer for other cutting operation, etc. , it is through the ndfeb powder and some other ingredients together, using technologies such as compression, extrusion and injection molding production of permanent magnets. Injection ndfeb magnet technology is the most demanding of all process, this technology in the production of ndfeb highest price, it needs to be very careful, precision molds, will provide ndfeb powder in it to make complex shape of finished products, such products are mostly very thin. A: how to choose a strong magnet manufacturers? Next article: magnet manufacturer is how to keep the magnet price?
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