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by:Newland     2020-04-01
Powerful magnets on the market at present the marketing competition is more and more big, a lot of magnet manufacturers in order to gain a better competitive advantage in the market, will use inferior raw materials to reduce the cost. So when buying powerful magnets must know how to distinguish the powerful magnet quality, so that we can buy more high-quality strong magnet. Designed a powerful magnet to distinguish method 1, judge of the quality of the powerful magnets, mainly from the two angles to analyze: product performance, product appearance strong magnet performance. 2, the performance of the powerful magnets have uniform standard, of course, the premise is the regular manufacturers products, at the time of resolution need to examine the related parameters of the powerful magnets, such as: magnetic energy product, coercive force, remanence and related performance. Conventional measuring method is a powerful magnets of different sizes using gauss meter or magnetic flux table to distinguish powerful magnet magnetic energy product, and more professional requires the use of static magnetic characteristics tester. 3, powerful magnets appearance check; As a whole is to see the magnet if there is a lack of edge Angle, plating are in good condition, whether the size meet the design requirements.
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