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Strong magnet for a long time on things you iron magnetic absorption can reduce?

by:Newland     2020-05-02
A strong magnet is used in the fixed iron surface used as adsorption suction effect. Normal down and said, strong magnet magnetic is very stable, because magnetic source since the atomic level, basic not weakened. Lead to a strong magnet magnetic decrease main reasons are: 1. The influence of temperature, especially higher than Curie temperature, the material will be from ferromagnetism to paramagnetism. 2. Plus magnetic: reverse magnetic field or alternating magnetic field, degaussing is an important means of alternating magnetic field. 3. Vibration impact 4. Strong magnet oxidation, corrosion and corrosion. If only for a long time on the iron absorption, not temperature and field effects, such as strong magnet magnetic attenuation does not occur, will not affected by time.
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