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Strong magnet differences and common magnets

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Strong magnet with ordinary magnet continue incredible strong magnet magnetic is very strong, ordinary magnet magnetic. And the actual is formed two kinds of magnet material composition is different. Strong magnet is developed after the ordinary magnet magnet. Simple talk about rare earth ndfeb magnets, Strong magnet) : the magnet is made from neodymium rare earth ndfeb magnet, iron, boron and other several kinds of main raw material, can is a magnet in the magnet type a winner. Mainly because of his performance ( Magnetic size) Than any kind of magnet. The magnet is mainly applied to the field, electronics, electrical appliances, motor, etc. Ferrite ( Ordinary magnets) : its main raw material is from ordinary magnet Fe2o3, in the process of making magnets, need after moulding fire to molding, because the quality of a material of Fe2o3 is more brittle, still more extensive ferrite magnet on the market at present, the main reason is that its price is cheap, strong resistance to high temperature, it is not easy oxidation, etc. But the only drawback is ordinary magnet magnetic is small. For now due to the strong magnet small magnetic industry are widely used with the product. The previous: magnet store notice next: jiangxi rare earth's alarm
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