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Strong from the magnet magnetic maintenance can effective method _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Often contact strong magnet knows that strong magnetic magnet magnetic than ordinary products, is currently widely used in chemical, food, recycling, carbon black, etc. Now that is magnetic products, then it will appear degaussing magnetic and magnetic weakening, below small make up take you to understand, how to maintain a strong magnet performance? Magnet application brought a lot of field work environment optimization greatly juggle, but strong magnetic protection work has not been aroused people's attention. If you don't do magnetic protection work, can make it long exposure in the damp environment, can easily react with some elements in the air, resulting in a series of chemical reactions, when we are in production and processing process, this kind of problem such as rust phenomenon will seriously affect our use, even will affect the quality of the products, so we must timely protection of strong magnet magnetic. In general, due to environmental factors, it and react with oxygen in the air and other substances can easily. So in terms of strong magnet store need the right storage method. In the process of storage, the most important is to be prepared for moisture. Internal contains a large percentage of rare earth elements, its characteristic is the chemical property is very active, easy to react with oxygen in the air, rare earth oxides generated will greatly reduce its magnetic energy. In addition, in the process of high temperature, when the wet equipment used by fixing device has high moisture, water molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen react with cerium rare earth elements such as easily. In when processing the finished product, therefore, to ensure good moistureproof link, for example: after or without raw material composition, necessary moisture proof measures must be taken, and shall put it in a special plastic bag or iron drum, in order to prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp; Uninstall spindle must be loaded into the bucket and timely; Empty furnace equipment must be timely vacuum, if necessary, can also open the dehumidifier, air conditioning, etc. , to control the indoor temperature and humidity. All these measures can work through moistureproof protect strong magnet magnetic energy. Conclusion: effect of a powerful magnet performance have mainly two factors: the environment temperature, environment humidity. So we in the daily maintenance magnet performance from the two aspects when you need to solve. The above content from ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers network Internet finishing editing, focus on this site, focus on more magnetic material, the magnet price and related information dynamic.
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