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Star gen ndfeb magnetic industry manufacturers to tell you, buy ndfeb magnets related guidelines

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Clients before the purchase of ndfeb magnets need to know the following: first, we shenzhen star and magnetic industry co. , LTD. Sales of these magnets belongs to ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet, all belong to powerful magnets, is the highest magnet now find commercialization performance. The best the strongest magnetic materials, is worthy of strong magnetic. Because of their excellent magnetic, known as 'magnetic king', please rest assured purchase, used with caution. Second, our company production of the specifications of the species are round, square, circular, the abnormity, trapezoidal, tile shape, spherical, irregular graphics such as ndfeb strong magnet, can be customized to sample production. We all specifications of the magnet size units are mm calculation. 【 1 】 Diameter (circular size generally use D As belong to a special symbol for the convenience of the majority to use D instead of Φ) , such as D10 * 1 mm represents is 10 mm in diameter, 1 mm is the thickness of magnet. * this is the mathematical symbol 'multiply'. 【 2 】 The size of the square is length * width * height is generally expressed in F square. F50 * 25 * 13 mm, for example, says is the square magnet is 50 mm long, wide is 25 mm, thickness is 13 mm, usually by default the last number indicates a square magnet magnetization direction, such as F50 * 25 square x13, magnetization direction is the direction of the 13 mm, which is highly direction of magnetization. NS in the face of the two biggest, 50 x 25. 【 3 】 Said the size of the circle is the outer diameter D inner diameter D * * level. Such as D18 D32 * * 6 ring magnets, said outer diameter is 32 mm, inner diameter is 18 mm, height is 6 mm. Height also called thickness. Rings are divided into straight hole and countersunk head hole, hole is vertical in the straight hole, while the countersunk hole is big holes and holes and hole depth and hole depth is commonly known as the screw holes. Three, we can produce a variety of brands of ndfeb magnets, as follows: N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 are N50 N52 maximum working temperature of 80 degrees 35 m 38 m 40 m 42 m 45 m 48 m to 50 m maximum working temperature of 100 degrees 35 33 h h h h 40 38 42 h h, 48 h 45 maximum working temperature of 120 degrees 30 sh 33 sh 35 sh 38 sh 40 sh 42 sh maximum working temperature of 150 degrees 30 uh uh uh uh uh 40 38 35 33 maximum working temperature of 180 degrees 30 eh eh eh eh 38 35 33 maximum working temperature of 200 degrees 33, 35, 38, 40, 42 represents the maximum magnetic energy product. N33 ndfeb material around the maximum magnetic energy product for 33 mgoe; Maximum magnetic energy product of the N35 ndfeb material about 36 mgoe; N40 maximum magnetic energy product of about 40 mgoe ndfeb material. MGOe and kA scaling is 1 MGOe = 8 kA/m3 / m3, that is to say, the maximum magnetic energy product N40 about 320 kA/m3. The stronger the brand, the higher the magnetic, the corresponding price also is higher, so the specific need according to customer's actual needs. In general, such as packaging, machinery, stationery and other products are not high demand to choose n33 brand is given priority to. Cheap speakers use magnet mostly chooses n35. Sintered ndfeb magnets, have imagined strong magnetic force, sintered ndfeb magnet maximum suction is hundreds of times its weight in theory, is the most powerful magnet. Of course the more the greater the magnetic magnet size. If you need, please contact our customer service, you need custom-made size, number, quantity, plating, tolerance requirement, the magnetization direction, etc. We will order production according to your request. Tel: 0755 - 25989963
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