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Square magnet magnetization direction _ purchase right ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Square magnet, the magnet shape is in a relatively routine, is widely applied, currently on the market use most is both the ferrite magnets with neodymium magnets square magnet, they can also be processed into irregular shape of the magnet, such as cutting Angle, grooving, etc. Purchasing don't careless, square magnet magnetization direction it is necessary to find out your square magnet, a variety of magnetization, it is not the same as round piece of magnet magnetization, purchasing square magnet, if you don't know you'd better confirm with company colleagues see which side is used under the surface, because once you say the wrong or expression error, do the magnet will be scrapped, your product may not meet expectations or cannot use, causing immeasurable loss. Square magnet magnetization has three, respectively is the magnetization, the thickness of the upper and lower two bedding face of strong magnetic surface. Magnetization, the side around the 2 side strong magnetic force. Is the area of transverse magnetization, i. e. , the length of the 2 end strong magnetic force. So might not understand, can see the image below. Square magnet magnetization of many friends don't know, also don't know how to describe, so there are often customers errors, such as a square magnet 15 mm long, 4 mm wide, 3 mm thick, if need 3 * 15 to face strong magnetic surface, the magnet expression of F3 * 15 * 4, 4 for the magnetization direction. Like a square magnet, 9 mm wide, 7 mm, 25 mm long, 2 side need to use the magnet magnetic force, the expression of F7 * 9 * 25, is really not clear welcome in the figure above is pointed out that the magnetization of all you need to send to us. In general, our customer service will ask you for one of its magnetization direction ( Will ask questions) , please don't bother, we are also in order to hello, risk-averse.
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