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Special motor magnets spiral tiles of the magnet

by:Newland     2020-03-24
Magnet in our daily life, such as square, round piece of magnet, cylindrical magnet, ring magnets, etc. , these people should be very familiar with, can often come into contact with. But some special magnet, such as spiral magnet, most people should be very strange, Ricky magnet below card manufacturer is simple to introduce for everybody. Spiral tiles magnet, also called hypotenuse magnet, the current special motor magnets, because of its complex process, few manufacturers in China. I company for this product has a wealth of experience, has repeatedly, according to the requirement of the customer to make different specifications of the spiral magnet. Spiral tiles and compared to ordinary tiles magnets, it has a tilt Angle, processing and also much more complicated. First of all, by our technical staff through computer simulate real CAD, and measure the relevant data. Then in multiple cutting, grinding forming. Processing a spiral tiles magnets, often want to use about 4 times the left and right sides of raw materials. So work, fees, costs would be higher. Spiral tiles magnets used in where? At present, spiral tiles magnet is mainly used in some special electrical or magnetic transmission industry. If you have purchasing custom spiral tiles magnets, ferrite magnetic tile, ndfeb magnetic tile, such as demand, welcome to contact our card rich. Related article information tiles magnet; Teach you know magnet tiles, magnetic tile specifications written format
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