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Special magnet - The size of the head magnet production process _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Many people know that the abnormity magnet, and special-shaped magnet is one of the most common size magnets, magnet runway, horseshoe magnet head, etc. To explain what size magnets is today? Special size head of magnet production process? Reducer ndfeb can be understood as two different diameter circular magnet stick together, by the thickness of the small diameter D2 + / thickness of large diameter D1 + said. Below we together to get to know the size of magnet production and processing process. First of all, we are magnet manufacturer, can produce custom make all kinds of powerful magnets, special-shaped strong magnets, from raw material to finished product one-stop, of course, we usually have commonly used materials, such as the most commonly used N35 material. How size head magnet production processing? Step 1: sliced by the pillars of the raw materials, processed into the thickness of the customer needs to get a slice workshop. Our slicing workshop, almost 24 hours a day. Step 2: grinding from raw material cutting out the black piece is cylindrical, how can ability become the size of the head? It also needs a process, be into the grinding workshop, a manual processing into finished products issuing, so time is slower than the cylindrical magnet for a few days, the price will be slightly a little bit expensive. If your products tailored to the need to do this size magnets, but the best for us. Step 3: after chamfering electroplated grinding head the size of the magnet and the Angle, finally outgoing to plating there, half a day out of it for you on nickel plating ( Electroplating time according to the electroplating factory on the other side of the row of single) Nickel plating, the magnet is one of the most popular color, brightness is good, price is also appropriate, mainly have the effect of protect magnet from oxidation. Step 4: the magnetization magnet back to get a good packing workshop, electroplating magnetization with a paper bag. Above is alien the size of the magnet magnet production process, the company is engaged in reducer magnet manufacturer direct wholesale custom, if you have needs, can seek advice.
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