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Special hollow cup motor magnet material introduce _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
For the hollow cup motor you may have heard, hollow cup motor is exactly what, what is the difference between it with general motors? The hollow cup motor what material generally use the magnetic material? Today understand magnetic emperor took everybody know about the hollow cup motor and permanent magnet. Hollow glass magnet, that is, we often say the circular, why? Because the circular itself is hollow, if it is not hollow, it is not known as the circular, so named hollow glass magnet magnetic ring is common sense. Why should the circular made into hollow? This is to play to the circular often features, often TaiHua. The circular hollow mainly USES simple and easy to use, the circular hollow can better through every line interference sources, the interference source line, at the same time, the circular feature will compare both horizontal, greatly improving the effect of the magnetic ring. And understanding of the hollow glass magnet before, we have to know the hollow cup motor. The hollow cup motor belongs to the dc servo motor, control of permanent magnet, also can use it as a class of micro &special motor. Market common hollow cup motor model has diameter & Phi; 4、φ; 6,φ; 7,φ; φ8; φ10; φ12; 15, etc. The hollow cup motor magnets pictures show ( See image below) Hollow cup motor in general with what type of permanent magnetic material? Hollow cup motor in general use of sintered ndfeb permanent magnets, it in performance with high remanence, high coercive force, high magnetic energy product characteristics, market advantage in the performance-to-price ratio is high, the manufacturer is more also. Is currently on the market to meet the requirements of the hollow cup motor magnetic materials. Under the same size of the motor and winding data, magnetic steel performance is one of the important factors that affect the motor speed. The shape of the common hollow cup motor ndfeb magnets are circle, brand such as N40, N45, etc. , are resistant to high temperature at about 100 ℃. Of the specifications of the hollow glass is used as motor with 90% of the magnet are hollow cup is needed to turn! Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers direct selling network professional hollow cup motor magnet manufacturer, if you have the circular hollow cup have purchase demand, can itu standing customer service hotline.
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