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by:Newland     2019-10-01
Now, every big computer and consumer electronics brand wants to sell you a device that plays your music, movies and photos throughout the house.
Stereo manufacturers such as Philips and Panasonic are installing network connectivity for their devices.
Computers provided by HP, Dell and Gateway can access the home network and work with the TV.
Linksys sells home media adapters for playing mp3 stored on PC in stereo.
Let\'s say their manual clearly explains how to connect all of these things-
It\'s a long process. -
These manufacturers will inevitably be locked in a thin
Margin, deflation fight.
Mel Gilmore, chairman of D & M Holdings, does not want to have anything to do with this.
His performance in fusion: aim at the top.
His customer is the kind of person who bought a pair of speakers with nd magnets for $85,000, a turntable for $12,900, fixing LPs in place with vacuum suction, a plasma display for $32,995, the diagonal measurement is 61 inch and the thickness is 5 inch.
These excellent people also want components that are networked, but they do so by picking up the phone and calling their custom installer. Gilmore, a 55-year-
Former Motorola senior tech executives in charge of the global mobile phone business have--
Mainly cheap. -
Stable audio
A video brand that combines digital convergence and audio-visual barriers.
D & M labs by Denon, Marantz and Mackintosh (
Known for its loyalty to vacuum tubes and glowing blue dashboards)
For example, a video recorder, a Rio portable digital music player, and a valuable music and video server can be played.
Gilmore is preparing a network of all his products, allowing the $13,000 Marantz high-
HD video projectors can talk to the $4,600 McIntosh stereo amp and allow access to information and music from the Internet.
He bet that brand prestige will help him avoid the inevitable merchandising of gadgets.
\"We want to be the leading company in this digital entertainment opportunity,\" he said . \".
D & M is expected to generate $0. 84 billion in revenue and earn $15 million at the end of the third year.
It is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with a 51% stake in Japan\'s big company, ripwood Holdings.
In October 2001, Gilmore\'s private equity-focused company was recruited.
Gilmore has a respectable 30-
A year of career at Motorola, but left a little cloud.
As a former colleague of Christopher Galvin
The ousted chief executive, Gilmore, is in charge of the messaging business and has played a role in Nextel\'s technology invention --to-talk feature.
He then led the communications division, which accounted for 70% of mobile giant sales.
But the mobile phone group has lost Nokia\'s irreparable market share, and soon after Gilmore\'s sudden retirement in October 2000, his mobile phone group released a surprising loss of $0. 197 billion, orders were down 23% from the previous year.
Despite the embarrassment, lipwood called Gilmore almost immediately after cleaning up his sick Schaumburg. office.
The fund does not care about his mobile phone failure;
It just wants someone who can sell consumer electronics.
Lipwood told him not to spend too much money, just go after the family media network drama.
He first paid $92 million for a stake in Hitachi records, including Denon, Columbia.
Ripplewood split Denon and merged with Marantz, another top Japanese brand, so that the merged company could use Marantz\'s shares on the Tokyo exchange.
Gilmore then picked up McComb and Escient, the manufacturer of fireball music and DVD servers, and the owner of the OpenGlobe DVDmovie database.
Gilmore bought Rio Tinto, the top manufacturer of small and stylish MP3 players, and TiVo, the digital video recorder, for $18 million.
So far, Ripplewood has spent $0. 275 billion to assemble D & M.
In January, Gilmore brought a second place, and Victor pacol, former head of consumer electronics marketing for Sony America, became president of D & M.
Their first big product launch is a new Denon server that contains every part of D & M technology.
Will this year for the first time in about $5,000 server will storage 1,000 Royal territorial value of music on the of two 128-
Gigabit hard disk (
One of them is removable)
, You can choose to add additional hard disk memory.
It has a video recorder, and D & M\'s engineers spent a whole year before buying the replay.
Unlike TiVo or replay, one set is needed-
The Denon server will send a DVD for each TV-
4 TVs with high quality video from 6 to 9 megabits per second.
The Denon server uses the new standard of Mediabolic instead of forcing you to compress music in your CD, an act of reducing sound quality, a startup invested by D & M, store and transmit uncompressed music.
Ultimately, all D & M digital components will have networking features such as Ethernet connectivity or wireless network cards.
Once the copyright issue is resolved, customers can also burn their own shows and movie DVDs.
It\'s easier than storing music and videos on a PC, says Pacor: \"No one will wait for their TV to start.
\"All the efforts at the moment are aimed at a small market.
Forrester Research estimates that only 8 million of the 22 million countries in the United StatesS.
Families with broadband network access have begun to build networks for their families.
While playing a cd does not require access to the Internet, Gilmore and his competitors believe that real demand will come when consumers can quickly and easily shuttle media from the sofa into and out of the house.
Nine out of ten customers have hired installation services from Carol Stream\'s Cass electronics company.
George dubir, president of Kass\', said that if you want a home network, half of the people buy a media server to store their music.
The best-selling is D & M\'s Escient Fireball server, which costs $2,000, plays the name, title and CD cover art of a song on any TV at home, downloading information from the Internet.
The custom audio installer is not entirely on board.
Timothy schitz, Alameda, California-
Based on Kashyk design, it is rich in San Francisco that installs only $500,000 cinemas, likes to sell 2,000 of the media servers in Macintosh Tianlong brand but says $300-
It costs several hundred dollars to change the CD.
Even the rich sometimes look at the price tag.
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