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Soul torture! What factors related tile type of powerful magnet price? 「」

by:Newland     2020-05-01
What kind of magnet is tile type magnet? Believe that some customers may speak before tiles, tiles type magnet shape similar tiles, internal see sag external projection. Some friends were worried want to know about type of powerful magnet price, don't worry. Let small make up for your simple analysis, after the order is not late. 1, tile type powerful magnets can be used in where? Tile type powerful magnets generally used in permanent magnet motor, the motor structure is simple and clear, simple to complex problems, maintenance rise more convenient also. And no matter what style has a powerful magnet in common or small volume light weight strong magnetic force. Can make the motor reduce energy consumption. 2, tile type magnet can plating? Optional electric plating, nickel, zinc, epoxy resin and so on. What's the difference between them? Electric plating, appearance as beautiful colors such as gold; Nickel plating, color is similar to stainless steel, good gloss, difficult to oxidation, but can't be fixed viscose water; Electric galvanized color is silvery white, can glue water, low price; Epoxy resin is to point to add a layer after plating nickel, optional color is rich. Above is a simple introduction about tile type powerful magnets, a tile type of powerful magnet prices associated with what factors? Actually, tile type magnet with square magnet, circular magnets in various industries use is more, so don't worry about customized needs additional custom fees. But the tile type of powerful magnet prices with the powerful magnet type, specification, performance, and number of custom. If you want to learn more about, welcomed the consultation.
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