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Some questions concerning the magnet wire cutting doubts you summary

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Many customers new magnets, the magnet is not very clear, the thread cutting magnet curious, wire-cutting magnet is like what? What are the magnets can line? Can not be performed wire-cutting processing when the magnet magnetic? What is the magnet wire cutting equipment? Here are to say. First of all, what is the magnet wire cutting? Continuous pulse discharge line is a kind of molybdenum wire, electric erosion of mechanical parts, thus achieve the goal of cutting. This kind of yarn strength, not easy broken wires, has long service life. Installation should be especially careful, it is easy to hurt! What are the magnets can be on line? Only the conductive magnetic materials ( The magnet) Before being wire-cutting processing, such as ndfeb strong magnet, electrical conductivity is better, so are often processed into aliens, you can click on the go in to see, here the abnormity magnet is produced by wire cutting technology. The magnet in the magnetic can wire-cutting processing? No magnetic, can be processed directly. But if there is a magnetic, need to be done in a certain temperature demagnetization, 1 - time After 2 hours, wire-cutting processing to the magnetization. Above is Ricky xiaofu ndfeb magnet card manufacturer of magnet wire cutting related introduction, if you have questions or want to customize the magnet welcome to contact us.
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