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Some physical properties of sintered permanent magnetic ferrite ( Figure)

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Permanent magnetic ferrite materials generally fall into two categories, namely, sintered permanent magnetic ferrite materials with bonded permanent magnetic ferrite materials, various and can be divided into people of the same material with the opposite sex according to their performance. Our company mainly produces ferrite magnetic materials sintered ferrite magnets with injection ferrite, ferrite magnetic components, main said today is about some physical properties of sintered permanent magnetic ferrite, let you to have a basic understanding of physical characteristic of ferrite. Reply such as ferrite magnetic permeability is how many? The highest working temperature of ferrite? Curie temperature of ferrite? The density of ferrite and resistivity and so on. Permanent magnetic ferrite technology related articles, ferrite (1 日元日元Y30 Y33 Y30BH Y35) Demagnetization curve 2, main composition and proportion of permanent magnetic ferrite magnet introduced 3, ferrite, ndfeb can withstand the highest working temperature and Curie temperature card Ricky Specialized in manufacturing motor motor magnetic steel for more than ten years, attentively complete each customer's product, good service each customer, welcome to figure to sample processing customized!
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