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Small ferrite tiles ( 160, 180, 260, 280) Specifications and magnetic force is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Dongguan Ricky magnet card factory specializing in the production of all kinds of motor magnetic tile, Ferrite magnet samarium cobalt magnetic ndfeb watts watts) On market, in which the use of ferrite magnetic tile, ndfeb magnet steel tile shape more, such as your company has a magnetic tile procurement requirements, Ricky for your offer, please contact card for sample. Small size motor magnetic tile have? Smaller have like 130 magnetic tile, magnetic tile, 180 280 magnetic tile, magnetic tile, 360, of course, these are the motor model named, often contact. Small ferrite tile size usually have? Magnetic tile are above the external R, R, thickness, wide string, high arch and magnetic data such as size, you can compare your company's magnetic tile construction drawings, Ricky magnet manufacturer to take samples, and then contact CARDS offer. Our company dry pressing heterosexual magnetic tile, the small size motor ferrite magnetic tile mould, free deliver, welcome to contact website online customer service, tell your magnetic tile size! Relatively small ferrite magnetic tile; 130 dc motor magnetic tile size and material are introduced
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