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Sintered ndfeb, the density of bonded ndfeb is how much? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Many people don't know how much is the density of ndfeb, know to understand what's the use of the density of ndfeb, actually in our magnetic materials industry in terms of product price need to be calculated using density to its weight, and then to calculate the number of blank, blank price, etc. How much is the density of ndfeb? When calculating the weight of ndfeb must know ndfeb density. Here are all kinds of ndfeb magnet brand density form. Summary of different density along with the change of the material. The density of sintered ndfeb is usually: 7. 5 - 7. 7g/cm³ N35, Ndfeb density is usually 7 between N42. 5 n45 - Usually in 7 N52 between ndfeb density. More than 5. Suppression of bonded ndfeb magnet density: about 6 above. High temperature resistant ndfeb density is usually containing metal dysprosium in 7. More than 5. Determine the density of ndfeb formula: & rho; =m/V,ρ =m/V( ρ According to density, m said quality, volume V) The above content from ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers network Internet finishing editing, focus on this site, focus on more magnets news dynamic.
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