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Sintered ndfeb strong magnetic common coating have?

by:Newland     2020-05-09
Sintered ndfeb strong magnetic coating has a nickel, copper, chromium, gold, zinc, black zinc, epoxy resin. The surface plating is not the same as the color of it are not the same as the saved time is different also, each have advantages and disadvantages as well. 1) Zinc: the surface looks is silvery white, can do 12 - 48 hours salt fog, can be used in some glue adhesive, ( Such as AB glue) Such as good sintered ndfeb strong magnetic plating can be stored for two years to five years, its advantage is low price. 2) Nickel: looks like stainless steel color, buy in air surface are difficult to oxidation, and good-looking appearance, good gloss, electroplating a 12 - — 72 hours salt spray test. Its disadvantage is that cannot be used and some glue adhesive, this will make the coating fall off. Accelerate the oxidation, now in the market for nickel - more Copper - This way of electroplating nickel do 120 - — 200 hours salt spray, but the plating cost is relatively higher. 3) Copper: in hardware industry, sintered ndfeb strong magnetic rarely used, its appearance is yellow. 4) Chromium, chromium electroplating industry is relatively rare, its cost is very high, generally accepted by the company. Put ability is very strong, but it is very difficult to react with other substances. Mainly use where the ph is stronger, the domestic product prices are low, so the choice of people rarely. 5) Black zinc: surface treatment is according to the customer request the product as black, in the electroplating process is mainly on the basis of galvanized by chemical treatment to add a layer of protective film, black also can protect the membrane products do use, salt fog growth time, prolonged by oxidation. But its surface is easy to be scratched, losing its protective function. Now use a person with very little, mostly replaced by resin. Here we are. 6) King: now the industry is very popular, we saw some stalls yellow gold bracelet mostly gold-plated, or copper. Gold-plated products appearance looks just like gold is very beautiful, more commonly used in hand act the role of industry, our products can be gold-plated, used for magnetic bracelet. 7) Epoxy resin: through comparative study the NI, zinc, epoxy resin, PARYLENE - C coating of ndfeb magnets in three kinds of solution for the influence of the magnetic. Polymer materials & gt; Epoxy resin & gt; NI coating & gt; Zinc coating is in nickel plating product and then add a layer of resin paint, outside the industry in the past two years have a market, its development is very fast, a lot of people are now used in all kinds of plating products, its biggest advantage is that can do the color you want. Therefore, according to the different needs of sintered ndfeb magnets plating choose a different color.
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