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Sintered ndfeb rustproof phosphating process

by:Newland     2020-05-04
A, sintered ndfeb rust phosphating process with baskets to oil removal, the cold water wash 1 - pickling of light - the cold water to wash 2 - surface adjustment - 3 to rustproof phosphating, post-processing, cold water washing, sintered ndfeb phosphate preparation process and points for attention, A) Magnet installed plastic basket basket can adopt different levels or format ( Basket) 。 Purpose is to leave gaps between the phosphating of parts. ( 2) Magnet oil HH922B neutral oil removal: 5%; Liquid temperature: 60 ~ 90 ℃ ( Ultrasound equipment without heating) ; Time: to clean the surface oil pollution is advisable. ( 3) Magnet cold water wash: 1 time shall not be less than 1 minute, Depending on the parts surface water film even continuous shall prevail) ; Operation mode: the basket ( Basket) Must move up and down in the sink, strengthen the cleaning effect, 4) Magnet pickling light acid liquid concentration: 3% HNO3; Time: with colour and lustre is uniform surface gloss advisable; The light trough requirements: to acid ( 5) Magnet cold water washing 2 washing method: flowing water rinse time: not less than 1 minute, Be sure to clean the residual acid) Operation mode: pickling out light basket to move to wash in cold water sink after 2 hours, faster, in order to avoid corrosion parts. ( 6) Magnet surface adjustment oxalic acid: 25 g/L; Temperature: room temperature time: 1 minute ( 7) Magnet cold water washing 3 washing method: two counter-current rinse ( Eight) Magnet rustproof phosphating phosphating: rustproof phosphating liquid concentration HH951 special rustproof phosphating liquid: water = 1: ( 7 ~ 9) Rustproof phosphating liquid capacity: 15 ~ 20 m2 / kg phosphating liquid maintenance: use regularly adjust to keep its concentration ( 9) Sintered ndfeb magnet post-processing 1. Don't wash after rust phosphating process, the natural drying or hot air blow dry, Rustproof one year) 。 2. To long-term rust products, after rust phosphating, dry again dipped HH932 dehydrate rust-proof oil, and dry or drying. Finally, see the oil on the surface, but there is a layer of anti-rust film. Leaching rust-proof oil dehydration, can drain off water tank should be used.
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