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Sintered ndfeb magnets - Basic knowledge of inventory _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
- basic knowledge of sintered ndfeb magnet inventory to Nd2Fe144B intermetallic compound as the base of rare earth permanent magnets. With square crystal structure, strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy and high saturation magnetization. According to actual requirements change ratio and adding other elements to improve its performance. Advantages: high magnetic energy product and JiaoLi, high energy density, high cost performance, good mechanical properties. Inadequate: low Curie temperature, temperature characteristic is poor, and is easy to be pulverization corrosion. Ndfeb permanent magnet material is based on intermetallic compounds Nd2Fe14B permanent magnetic material. Relative to the casting of Al Ni- Co is a permanent magnetic material and ferrite permanent magnet, ndfeb has a very high magnetic energy product and coercive force, can suck up the equivalent of a weight of 640 times their own weight. Permanent magnetic material is a hysteresis loop width, high coercive force, high remanence, once magnetization can maintain constant magnetic materials, also known as hard magnetic materials. Rare earth ndfeb material called & other; The king of the permanent magnet & throughout; , invented in 1982, Japan's sumitomo special metal materials and general motors, and realize industrialized mass production in 1983. Permanent magnet so far have been three generations of products for large-scale applications. The first generation of rare earth and cobalt atoms by 1: consisting of five compounds, referred to as 'RCo5, represented by SmCo5. The second generation of rare earth and cobalt atoms by 2:17 percentage of compounds as the base phase of rare earth permanent magnet alloy, R2Co17 for short. The third generation of rare earth - Iron - Boron permanent magnetic material, mainly containing rare earths and intermetallic compounds of iron group elements, is a kind of high performance utility model without cobalt permanent magnet material, with neodymium iron boron ( 钕铁硼) Magnets as the main representative, has become the mainstream of a new generation of high performance permanent magnet new material. Sintered ndfeb possesses high magnetic energy product and high coercive force and high working temperature, but its preparation tolerance is bigger, shape, degree of freedom is small, so is mainly used in large and medium-sized motor, wind turbines, high fidelity speakers and so on. Currently in sintered ndfeb magnet processing research and development, processing technology, adopting new magnet in the view of improving the performance of the magnet at the same time, through the new patent processing technology to reduce the production cost, in the case of material level as, landing 20% production cost.
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