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Sintered ndfeb magnet surface treatment

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Surface treatment of sintered ndfeb magnet, a new stable and mature, the treatment technology of high efficiency low cost, is better than that of phosphating. Sintered ndfeb magnet is neodymium, an alloy of iron oxide, etc. Also called magnetic steel. Brands are: sintered ndfeb magnet N30 ~ N52; 30H ~ 50H; 30SH~50SH; 28哦~ 40哦; Eh ~ 30 to 35 eh, etc. The third generation of rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb permanent magnets is strongest performance in contemporary magnet. Its BHmax value is 5 - ferrite magnets 12 times, is the 3 - alnico magnets 10 times; 5 - its coercive force of ferrite magnets 5-10 times, aluminum nickel and cobalt magnet 15 times, its high potential magnetic, can suck up the equivalent of a weight of 640 times its own weight. As the main raw material of iron sintered ndfeb magnet is very cheap, the reserves of rare earth neodymium samarium 10 - more 16 times, so the price also relatively samarium cobalt magnet is much lower. Than on the mechanical properties of the sintered ndfeb magnet samarium cobalt magnet and alnico magnets, easier to cutting and drilling and complex shape processing. The deficiency of sintered ndfeb magnet is poor performance, its temperature at high temperature using magnetic loss is bigger, the highest working temperature is low. Generally is about 80 ℃, after special processing of the magnet, the highest working temperature is 200 ℃. Due to the material contains a large number of neodymium and iron, so easy to rust is also a major weakness of it. So must be surface coating treatment of sintered ndfeb magnet. Nickel plating ( Ni) And zinc ( 锌) , gold ( Au) Chromium, ( Cr) , epoxy resin ( 环氧树脂) And so on.
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