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Sintered ndfeb magnet in galvanized coating and what is the difference between nickel plating?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Sintered NdFeB magnets in the current era of rapid development, widely used in all walks of life, be familiar with the NdFeB magnet friends should know that it is easy oxidation, need to do a protective layer, makes both plating, we also call surface treatment, because of the NdFeB permanent magnet elements in a Nd and Fe are easy to corrosion and oxidation, make corrosion and oxidation resistance of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet is poorer, so how to improve its resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, make its surface protection has become an important problem in the production and use. Therefore many researchers conducted its oxidation and corrosion behavior and its surface protection research. Although surface of the results of the study, by adding elements can improve the corrosion resistance of sintered NdFeB, but will cause the Br and ( BH) The decrease of Max. So usually adopt surface anticorrosion technology to reduce the NdFeB permanent magnet oxidation and corrosion. Commonly used coating, zinc, nickel, copper and nickel, black nickel, gonadorelin, gold, silver, and the epoxy resin, but the most commonly used galvanized and two nickel plated copper and nickel plating. A lot of friends don't know what is the difference between zinc and nickel plated copper and nickel? In fact, the zinc nickel plating copper and nickel in appearance, price, rust, etc all have obvious difference, in order to facilitate everybody understanding, we to introduce in detail: galvanized copper and nickel plating nickel ndfeb magnets have what differentiation? 1, zinc and nickel plated copper nickel polishing sex difference: because the nickel plated copper nickel zinc polishing sex is superior to that appearance is more brighter. 2, zinc and nickel plated copper nickel rust resistance difference: galvanized, nickel plating copper, nickel, chromium plating is best. Electroplating way is mainly determined by the magnets used in the environment, if you use a high environmental conditions, it is recommended to use nickel plating copper and nickel. Nickel and copper nickel prices more expensive in zinc, zinc in price also is superior to nickel, copper and nickel. 3, zinc and nickel plated copper nickel: the performance difference between nickel and copper nickel surface treatment after the heat resistance is improved a lot, nickel and copper nickel with the characteristics of the conductive. 4, galvanized, nickel plated copper nickel hardness difference: is also high, in general use, can significantly avoid collision situations make more appear fall off phenomenon. Five, galvanized, nickel plated copper nickel price difference: zinc has the advantage, from low to high prices for the galvanized, nickel plated copper nickel, chrome plated. Differences in materials and artificial decided to price. Conventional zinc, nickel, copper and nickel barrel plating, chrome plating. Nickel and copper nickel: by electrolysis or chemical methods on the non-metallic metal or some on a layer of nickel plating method, called the nickel plated copper and nickel. Above is for all details of the difference between zinc nickel plating copper and nickel, we meet in real life of galvanized, refers to the surface of metal, alloy or other material coated with a layer of zinc, appearance has the appearance of white, silver, acid and alkali of the all kinds of material life and the natural environment can guarantee the product to avoid deformation, this also is the main reason for the wide application. Shenzhen city star create magnetic industry co. , LTD. , focusing on magnetic materials & amp; Permanent magnetic component manufacturing and solutions. We adhering to the 'people-oriented, resource optimization, value sharing, sustainable management' business philosophy. Supply all kinds of permanent magnet and magnetic components; Help customers with magnetic field optimization; Through effective quality assurance core tools ( TS / 16949: APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MASA& SPC) To ensure quality; To provide a full range of simulation and testing to ensure the reliability of the product; Internal logistics department will provide more economical, fast freight services.
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