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Sintered ndfeb industry pattern of two big changes

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Peaceful rise as China's economy, many industries abroad in competition with China, the lack of resources and cost advantages, and follow the 'profit maximization principle', have the need to consume resources, energy and labor intensive enterprises transfer to China. More prominent advantages, by contrast, China's rare earth industry, rare earth separation products sold have accounted for 90% of the world. As China became the world's rare earth industry center, rare earth processing and application of industry also certainly will shift to China, sintered ndfeb industry situation of the world and China must also has changed dramatically. 1, the world of sintered ndfeb industry - — To transfer for separation of rare earth metallurgy industry in China, because China has obvious advantage resources and costs, forcing the rare earth mining and separation of developed countries enterprises or closed ( Such as the United States) Or transferring to China ( Such as France) 。 The knot ndfeb ( Including bonded ndfeb) The industry structure in deduce a similar separation of rare earth smelting industry also changes - — Transfer to China. The increase of production cost and the magnet price decrease, makes the magnet production is difficult to maintain in the developed countries, was forced to hand off to high value-added downstream of the magnet device products, on the one hand, the magnet application enterprise transfer to China. The output of magnets in China from 1995 to 2000 the average annual growth rate of 25. 2%, Japan is 26. The yield of 2%, the United States and Europe growth of about 10%, respectively. After 2000, production is declining in the United States and Europe, the European and American traditional knot ndfeb due to high-end products competitive but Japan, mid-range product competition, but China end up out of the industry. Patent after 2003 because of the sintered ndfeb magnet most have failed, and the price of sintered ndfeb magnets in China and with the developed countries there is a huge price difference, attracted the ndfeb magnet users around the world will order to China, to further speed up the transfer. 2, sintered ndfeb magnet industry in China - — The rare earth resources move 2001 - During 2005, rare earth industry in China was in a 'weak prices', as an important raw material of sintered ndfeb magnet neodymium oxide and metallic neodymium, the lowest price is only $4 and $7 per kg, for the development of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials, expanding of sintered ndfeb application market has created good conditions and opportunities. In recent years the rapid development of IT industry, automobile and machinery manufacturing, and puts forward the increasing market demand of ndfeb magnet. Then appeared a 'ndfeb hot' in our country, many large expansion has energized ndfeb businesses, a new batch of ndfeb enterprise also arises at the historic moment. A new round of 'ndfeb hot' is a striking feature -- — Sintered ndfeb magnet industry transfer to resources origin is accelerating. Three rare earth resources in China and the production base is in baotou, jiangxi and sichuan, in the past, none of them is the leading producer of ndfeb magnets, have been reconciled with division of natural formation of the upstream and downstream. But in recent years, with the development of the region's economic and technological progress, the rare earth industry has been advancing deep processing. Their raw material with unique advantages, not only to develop rare earth separation industry, also have functions such as the development of ndfeb magnet material into the region of rare earth industry chain. Some forward-looking rare earth permanent magnet enterprises at home and abroad in order to obtain raw materials, also actively to the origin in rare earth resources. Dosage of sintered ndfeb magnets in wind turbine is rapidly increasing. Wind energy resources in China than anywhere else in the world, after entering the period of '11th five-year plan', an annual increase of the installed capacity of 600000 kilowatts. The 1 mw unit using sintered ndfeb in roughly 1 tons, is the application of sintered ndfeb huge potential market. Wind energy resources are rich, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region accounted for 40% of the national wind energy resources. Similarly, in jiangxi and sichuan, sintered ndfeb magnet is as an important link, the rare earth processing and industrial chain into the rare earth industry development plan. They rely on rare earth resources investment promotion and capital introduction, attract capital and technology at home and abroad to develop ndfeb magnet industry in our region. Based on pattern in the transfer of the above two kinds of sintered ndfeb industry, promote the industry competition, especially for raw materials and market competition. And countries in the new policy to strengthen macro-control of the rare-earth industry, from the source control of rare earth resources consumption, which will further promote the praseodymium, neodymium and dysprosium rare earth products supplies, prices, further squeezed profit margins, cause huge impact to the industry.
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