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Sintered ndfeb electrophoresis surface treatment ( Classification process) introduce

by:Newland     2020-04-11
In previous ndfeb surface treatment is introduced, the less of electrophoresis is introduced, today is to supplement the introduction about the classification of the surface treatment of sintered ndfeb electrophoresis and technological process. In the electrophoresis tank in the electrophoresis coatings, including high polymer resin, organic solvents, and suspended particles and water color, after mixing so that they form a homogeneous solution. The classification of the electrophoretic coating electrophoresis coating, which has two kinds of anode coating and the cathode coating. As anode anode electrophoresis is sintered ndfeb magnet, this way in the process of electrophoretic matrix metal and surface treatment film ( Such as phosphating film) By precipitation and dissolution at the same time, reduces the corrosion resistance of electrophoretic deposition film, so in most cases using cathodic electrophoresis, sintered ndfeb as cathode, namely using cationic electrophoresis paint. This paint is made from organic acid neutralization contains amino resin to form water-soluble coating. Cathodic electrodeposition layer made from organic acid neutralizer, toxicity is small. Mechanical strength and wet paint film itself and the adhesion strength of the workpiece is higher than anodic electrophoretic coating. But the high cost of cathodic electrophoretic coating, electrophoresis bath acidic, the equipment corrosion. Cathode electrophoresis tank with corrosion resistant materials, such as stainless steel, or acid plastic, etc. Sintered ndfeb electrophoretic coating process of electrophoretic coating process, as shown mainly divided into surface pre-treatment, electrophoresis and drying curing three parts, the specific process is blank Skim - Water - Hole sealing - processing Water - Phosphate - Water - Electrophoresis - Water - Dry and solidify. Surface level off, clean is the basis of electrophoresis coating with high quality, surface treatment of the surface of the purpose is to create a good condition. Electrophoretic coating process is a complicated process of chemical change, as the coating to the surface of the magnet constantly deposition, electrophoresis tank components are constantly changing, should strictly control the solid component, electrophoresis bath ph, temperature, electrophoresis voltage and electrode gap, etc. More than a bit introduction is about the summary of electrophoresis, data from the network, Ricky xiaofu by dongguan magnet factory card finishing editing. Read more about the magnet surface treatment articles; What are the typical features of neodymium magnets do epoxy coating ( Advantage) 吗? Magnet of the coating, Color image corrosion resistance to salt fog) Introduce nickel plated magnets have plating layer?
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