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Sintered ferrite magnets main application purpose _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Ferrite was developed in 1940 s a new type of magnetic material, not of metal. Because of its preparation technology and the appearance is very similar to the ceramics, so is sometimes referred to as magnetic porcelain. Ferrite permanent magnet, Ferrite) According to the different production process can be divided into: sintered ferrite ( 烧结铁氧体) , bonded ferrite ( Rubber magnetic Rubber all) , injection ferrite ( Zhusu Ferrite) Here, of course, ferrite soft magnetic, not introduce, sintered ferrite most widely used in the ferrite, said today the main hard magnetic sintering ( Ceramic) The application of ferrite magnets. Sintered ferrite most commonly used in what respect? 1, the speakers sound, horn, the receiver devices such as speaker. 2, toys, magnetic toys, magnetic darts, children's plush toys, magnetic blackboard polishing, etc. 3, motor vehicle. Such as auto fan motor, fuel pump, lift glass motor, wiper motor, window-adjusting motor, starter motor, etc. 4, electronic hardware hardware accessories, hardware accessories. 5, such as drainage pump rotor pump, energy-saving pumps, submersible pumps, aquarium water pump, circulating pump, such as deep water pump. 6, gift box packaging and printing industry, cosmetic box, tissue boxes, moon cake box, color box, packing box,. 7 8, sensors, a variety of sensors such as badges, badges, whiteboard, arts and crafts. 9, household electrical appliances such as air conditioning, television sets, washing machines, smoke lampblack machine, notebook, treadmill, massager, dishwasher, VCD/DVD, etc. 10, intelligent household door magnetic sensors, magnetic levitation series products, electric curtains, intelligent security system, dishwasher, intelligent robot sweep the floor, etc. Sintered ferrite application yuan more than ten aspects above, this is just a small list of ferrite, ferrite magnets more if you want to focus on the application, can focus on this site. Articles by ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers web editor, if you want to purchase the magnet needs, can contact the customer service hotline.
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