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Single magnet manufacturer introducing magnetite identify common sense _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Single magnet manufacturer introducing magnetite identify common sense dressing for ore mining is very important, lean ore dry type magnetic separator in so many years of practical work in the conclusion, is a time when we are looking for to a vein in the first step will need to make sure the vein to have value choice, coarse particle in magnetite ore and fine ore and defined in the coarse particles and fine ore in the middle of the particles is, the first is to identify these mines, mine first look at the stone texture, exquisite fine mineral particles, the texture is not obvious, with heavy. The coarse particles have obvious skin grain clearly apparent, with rough qualitative light, should pay attention to some fine ore weathering rock is also so. Particles in ore grain is exquisite, have obvious twill level. These are some experience, specific need assay, using sampling machine crushing, drying, using 80 mesh sieve sieve out, use water soluble elutriation to clear water, drying, split single magnet factory is introduced in the flat surface is bright and clean the surface of the magnetic conductivity, used 1000 gauss magnet materials from a centimeter place sucked out magnetic particles, and then test. General coarse particle ore 80 mesh taste can reach 55 & ndash; More than 60%, the quality good taste in more than 65%. Single magnet manufacturer introduces neutral particles ore after treated by this method, taste in 53 & ndash; 58%, we can use the 160 mesh sieve sieve out the undersize material, taste tests at about 60%, 200 mesh taste can reach 60 & ndash; 64%, these are easy dressing. Is one of the worst run into fine ore, the ore you need flour to 300 & ndash; Can choose the taste between 400 mesh in 50 & ndash; 58% fine powder, this kind of ore in the process of selection of permeability is low due to the fineness of particle shape, along with the water flow into the tail.
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