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Shenzhen where there is a powerful magnet to buy? Shenzhen magnet manufacturer ( The list which is good)

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Shenzhen is indispensable to the development of large and small manufacturing enterprise, from all walks of life in numerous enterprises have a lot of is the need to use the magnet, because the magnet is one of the many products indispensable parts, so often have a lot of customers need to purchase the magnet, find ready-made magnets, magnet, custom xiaofu today is to introduce the introduction of shenzhen where there is a strong magnet to buy? Shenzhen industrial and commercial registration of the magnet factory have? The following is a small make up to sort out a list of large and small magnet manufacturer in shenzhen, I hope you can find a suitable own magnet supplier. Shenzhen magnet manufacturers list ( Baidu ranked, website top priority) Shenzhen hundred million hero magnet co. , LTD. 1, the main products have ndfeb strong magnet, profiled magnets, bar magnet, square magnet, high temperature wafer magnets, magnet, magnet. 2, the factory address in the gate of shenzhen songgang town industrial zone 5 9 building 3, website address http://www. tieyangti。 Com / 2, 1, shenzhen xiang yue magnetic industry co. , LTD. The main products of shenzhen xiang yue magnetic industry co. , LTD. Is located in the frontier city of reform and opening-up Shenzhen, the main products are ndfeb, ferrite. 2, the company address shenzhen futian mei are in the community road 3, 128, the company http://www. htcc888。 Com/three al magnetoelectric co. , LTD. , shenzhen 1, manufacturer to introduce shenzhen al magnetoelectric co. , LTD. , founded in 2006, is located in the industrial town - shenzhen Shajing street, baoan road, 20 minutes drive from shenzhen airport, is a professional research and development, production, high performance ndfeb strong magnet and magnetic energy in the application of new energy materials technology enterprise products. 2, the company address baoan district of shenzhen shajing street songshan industrial zone loose to visit 16 - bo hillock No. 3, 3, the company's web site http://www. magnet168。 Com / 4, 1 star and magnetic industry co. , LTD. Of shenzhen, the main products of shenzhen xin hua magnet co. , LTD. , is located in the beautiful shenzhen baoan district shajing, specializing in the production and sales of rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb magnets, bonded ndfeb, ferrite, samarium cobalt and other magnetic products. 2, China baoan district of shenzhen shajing street official company address the first industrial zone in A4 building 3 floor 3, the company's web site http://www. abm - 磁学。 Cn/v, shenzhen McGonagall mitt technology co. , LTD. 1, enterprise introduction shenzhen McGonagall mitt technology co. , LTD. , is set by Inner Mongolia baotou rare earth mineral enterprises ndfeb sintered, mechanical processing and surface processing advantages of resource set up independent professional Internet magnet sales enterprise. The main ndfeb circular magnet cube, ndfeb magnets, ndfeb single magnet full specifications full series of products. 2, business address PingLong shenzhen longgang district pinghu street west road no. 250, the company website at http://www. migmot。 Com / 6, 1, shenzhen sincere weiye magnet co. , LTD. The main magnet shenzhen sincere weiye magnet co. , LTD. , founded in 2007, is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of private enterprises, the company is mainly engaged in sintered ndfeb strong magnetic, black soft magnetic ferrite and rubber products. 2, the company address shenzhen longgang district scared pit industrial zone 3, the pleasure of the company's official website http://www. szjcmagnet。 Com / 7, 1, shenzhen not the magnet co. , LTD. Shenzhen is not the main magnet products magnet co. , LTD. , founded in 2001, is a company specializing in the production of sales: rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb magnetic, magnetic steel, rubber enterprises. 2, the company address longgang district of shenzhen, a new low mountain village industrial zone longshan five road 3, the enterprise website http://www. szfyct。 Com/eight, shenzhen new magnets co. , LTD. 1, the company's main shenzhen new magnets co. , LTD. , founded in 2001, and from 2005 to 2010, dalian, Qingdao, chengdu, shenzhen set up subsidiaries and shunde plastic magnetic processing plants. Products are ndfeb magnets, bonded ndfeb, aluminum nickel and cobalt. 2, manufacturer address community in xiangshan, guangdong province, shenzhen songgang street liaocheng road 3, 142, the company http://www. newmag。 Cn / 9, shenzhen yong ling magnet co. , LTD. 1, the company's main shenzhen yong ling magnet co. , LTD. Main products: rubber magnetic, magnetic refrigerator, high-temperature samarium cobalt magnet, ndfeb strong magnet, ferrite and various specifications and high performance strong magnetic magnet. 2, the pleasure of longgang district in shenzhen city, guangdong province, longgang street address where scared pit second industrial area B1 1/3, company website at http://www. ylmagnets。 Cn/magnet manufacturer in shenzhen which good? Is a portion of xiaofu listed above quality magnet manufacturer in shenzhen area, mostly in ndfeb, ferrite is given priority to, after all, large dosage, these magnet factory is there you are working? Magnet factory in shenzhen is much more than that, you can choose to suit his company's magnet suppliers, meet you on the magnet price, delivery, quality can be expected. Shenzhen is not far from dongguan, also has a lot of shenzhen electronic, electrical, automation equipment card Ricky magnet manufacturers, customers choose us if you would like to also can contact us for quotation. Related shenzhen magnet factory articles; Magnets custom in shenzhen, shenzhen difficult magnet processing customized shenzhen where can do the manufacturer of high-end magnets, where is it?
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