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Shenzhen rotor magnet which good?

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Shenzhen rotor magnet which good? Recommend card rich powerful magnets manufacturers. Engine idle speed motor rotor magnet steel ( Figure) 4 pole motor rotor radial magnetic steel product specifications: according to customer requirement. Radial rotor ferrite magnets with paste ndfeb magnet which is cheap? Radial rotor ferrite magnets than paste ndfeb magnet price cheap, good water resistance, not easy oxidation, high heat resistance etc. This product for multipole radial magnetization, the magnetization of the number of four very great 6 pole 8 extremely 16 to 24, etc. , generally brushless motor magnetization of 4 extremely, 6, 8, 16 in the majority. General sensor magnet pole can be design, can according to the requirements of product surface magnetic field intensity of 400 ~ 1800 gs, general dry pressing heterosexual magnetic field intensity between 1500 ~ 1800 gs, tongfang magnet between 400 ~ 1000 gs. Dongguan Ricky magnet card manufacturer specializing in the production of radial multi-polar magnetic ring. Multi-polar magnetic ring is in hard magnetic ring material with above special charger for the circular magnetization of the magnetic pole logarithmic. The magnetization effect and the performance of the copper material and magnetizing apparatus used, the size of the magnetic energy product and hysteresis damping is related to the above situation. Article shenzhen rotor magnet which good? Shenzhen manufacturer from dongguan magnet motor rotor magnet factory card Ricky xiaofu share, if you have a motor rotor, the rotor magnet steel demand, can contact with us! Tel: 0769 - 23388351 fu: 13602300940 QQ: 2355933625 related q&a: ndfeb radial multi-polar magnetic ring the magnetization good imitation?
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