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Shenzhen ndfeb manufacturers reported strong magnetic in the automotive industry and the application of the computer industry

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Shenzhen ndfeb manufacturers strong magnetic ndfeb magnet is a kind of high performance permanent magnet, ndfeb permanent magnetic material production cost mainly comes from the cost of raw materials and artificial cost and energy consumption costs. And shenzhen ndfeb manufacturers in many industries of modern, much attention has been paid to the computer industry and auto market is our country high performance ndfeb permanent magnet materials industry high attention of potential market segments. Shenzhen ndfeb manufacturers strong magnetic ndfeb magnets used in the automotive industry. Automobile industry is one of the areas of ndfeb magnets used more. In each car, generally 30 parts using magnets. It is said that the number of foreign luxury cars used in the micromotor has up to 70, only to complete the various control action of cars. The annual output of 55 million cars over the world, according to each use motor number from the current average 20, to increased to 30, 2005, forecasts need to be motor will increase from the current 800 million to 1. 6 billion. As car to develop in the direction of miniaturization, lightweight and high-performance, to car performance requirements of the magnets used in more and more high, this will speed up the ndfeb magnets, especially the development of bonded ndfeb magnet. If, bonded ndfeb magnets 50% increase in cars, each car needs to be 102 g, calculated on the global annual production of 55 million cars, need to bond the anisotropic ndfeb magnet is about 5600 t. Shenzhen ndfeb manufacturers strong magnetic ndfeb magnets in the computer industry. With the advent of the era of information, has formed the computer into the boom of the family. According to the market survey, in 2000 the world only home PC sales will reach 40 million, about 80 million units in 2005. The development of the computer to drive the development of the related components, hard, floppy disk, CD drive head is the use of ndfeb more one aspect, for ndfeb magnet drive computers every year about 4000 t, accounting for 50% of the sales volume of ndfeb. In 1999, the world's production of HDD is 1. 65. 7 billion units, up 16% from 1998. Now HDDS are large capacity, high speed data transmission and save space. Bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring about shenzhen star magnetic industry co. , LTD. The main two large, 1, industrial supplies: sintered ndfeb, adhesive ndfeb and magnetic components, 2, is a civilian products: gun magnetic, rubber magnetic, fishing hooks, rotating hook, square peg magnetic hook, etc. The alibaba international station and domestic station has shops, domestic station store address: 1688 abmmagnetics. 1688. com; Welcome new and old customers to browse information, to find suitable your products, because of magnetic material specification is more, have any questions can contact customer service or contact the following business card information, thank you again!
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