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Shenzhen ndfeb manufacturers on how to increase the magnet assembled magnetic effect?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Different models of ndfeb magnets assembled magnetic effect is different, so, shenzhen manufacturer of ndfeb is how to increase the magnet assembled magnetic effect? We detailed introduce for everybody: the magnet manufacturers of ndfeb magnetic circuit design of a task, is as far as possible improve the air gap magnetic flux density, the circuit current density will be increase more easily, as long as change the cross-sectional area of the wire. The smaller the cross section, the higher the current density. Improve the work principle of air gap magnetic flux density is the same, opposites attract. Manufacturer of ndfeb MFL method basically has: ( 1) Change of the magnetic circuit section ( 2) Avoid the lines of magnetic force mutually exclusive ndfeb magnet magnet is usually cylindrical, circular, its diameter, thickness and the magnetic can deposit a certain relationship between. Magnetization of permanent magnet is a volume flow rate, as has been said in the previous, the magnetic flux density and area, is an area of quantity, Φ for magnetic flux, the unit is webber ( Wb) Lou for flux through the positive area. With the improvement of permanent magnet ndfeb magnet coercive force, reply regrets conductivity mu down, close to the air permeability I. Such reluctance of the permanent magnet itself is not negligible, thus the length of the permanent magnet in magnetizing direction is shoulds not be too long. Magnetic circuit is not so convenient, in addition to an individual case, the lines of magnetic force no matter cannot penetrate. Only the magnetizer, without the magnetizer. But with the change of the magnetic circuit geometry, proper arrangement of permanent magnets and magnetic conductor, still can improve the working air gap magnetic flux density.
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