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Shenzhen ndfeb manufacturers complained of rare earth industry chain priority to energy conservation and environmental protection

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Shenzhen star gen ndfeb magnetic industry manufacturers of small make up that today's society is becoming more and more attention to environmental protection, energy conservation and environmental protection in the world, under the trend of conversion rate, higher efficiency motors will inevitably bring us a lot now to use the low conversion rate, low working efficiency of internal combustion engine out! The new high efficiency electric motors is to use strong magnetic steel and other permanent magnetic material to act as its main component - Electrical energy into kinetic energy of the component materials. B: this is also our high school learn to induction to the principle of work. Actually, as ndfeb manufacturers think this powerful magnet production electric motor will inevitably used more widely in the future. Now many of the enterprises and their frontier science are very bullish on this. It can not deny the fact that development of permanent magnet in the future, such as strong magnetic steel is occupy the important position. Say the energy conservation and environmental protection, have to say, in a strong magnetic steel on the direction of a big problem. Most powerful magnets are need of rare earth resources, this is to involve the issue of sustainable development. Now some cutting-edge research institutions, are studying how to use the least or other elements instead of rare earth elements can be used to manufacture more to strong magnetic steel and so on. This is also conducted on one aspect resources section of the source. Another to extracted from the rare earth elements in rare earth is a very big factory, whether before extraction, extraction, extraction after! Strong magnetic steel rare-earth elements are needed for many tons of rare earth to extract a little bit of rare earth elements. The energy consumption can be seen from this that how many, and as the contribution of ndfeb manufacturers can do is try to control the emergence of this situation! More important is, to extract raw materials - strong magnetic steel Rare earth can produce large amounts of pollutants. Near a lot of rare earth industry is a lake and so on a series of difficult to deal with large quantities of waste water pollution! Impact on the environment is very big! Compared with mainland China, the Japanese ndfeb manufacturers going to study in the recent live excluding & quot; Dysprosium & quot; Elements of a new type of powerful magnet steel. On the one hand, Japan's walk in the forefront of the world! Shenzhen star hit a small make up feel ndfeb magnetic industry factory attaches great importance to energy conservation and research and development of new magnet is the rare earth industry chain a real way out! The tech tree climbing is king!
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