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shape-changing magnetic assemblies as high-sensitivity nmr-readable nanoprobes

by:Newland     2019-08-29
Fluorescence and plasma markers and sensors have revolutionized molecular biology to help visualize the molecular processes of cells and organisms 1,2, 3.
More and more, this probe is now designed in pairs-
In the infrared region, the fluorescence and photon decay of the tissue are reduced, and the underground induction in the body is 4.
But even in the near future
With the increase of depth, the infrared region, optical resolution and sensitivity are rapidly reduced.
Here, we propose a sensor design that avoids the need for optical addressing capability by working in an MRI (NMR)radio-
Spectrum, where signal attenuation and distortion of tissue and biological media are negligible, background interference disappears, and the sensor can be spatial located using standard magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)equipment. The radio-frequency-
The addressable sensor components described here include paired disks separated by expanded gel materials;
They respond quickly to the selected stimuli, thus reconfiguring the geometry reversibly
Dependent Dynamic NMR spectral features.
These sensors can be made from biocompatible materials and can detect low concentrations in themselves and provide potential response NMR spectral shifts that are nearly a million times higher than conventional magnetic resonance spectra.
The inherent adaptability should allow such a shape
The system of change is used to measure many different environmental and physiological indicators, thus providing a broad range of MRI-
Radio compatible
Frequency analogs of optical probes for basic chemical, biological, medical and engineering studies.
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