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Several kinds of magnetic materials contrast _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Several kinds of ferrite magnetic material contrast: performance is low and medium, the lowest price and good temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance, good cost performance & ensp; Summary: the highest performance, price, good strength, high temperature resistant and corrosion & ensp; Samarium cobalt: high performance, the highest price, brittle, temperature characteristic, corrosion & ensp; Aluminum nickel and cobalt, low and medium performance, price, the optimal temperature properties, corrosion resistance, resistance to interference difference & ensp; SmCo ferrite, ndfeb sintered and binding method are available, and sintering magnetic high molding is poorer, bonded magnets good formability, performance a lot.   AlNiCo available casting and sintering method, casting the magnet high performance, good formability is poorer, sintered magnets is low, good formability.
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