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settlement guide: parent visas cost time and money

by:Newland     2019-10-12
Most parents face a long wait for visa applicants.
It may take 2 to 30 years to approve a parent visa in Australia.
There are two main types of parental visas: non-
Contributions and contributions. Non-
Payment visas include permanent 103 and 804 visas.
These types of visas are the most affordable option, but there are also disadvantages of long waiting times.
Payment visas are divided into 143 categories, 173 categories, 864 categories and 884 categories.
Subclass 143 and 864 are permanent visas, and subclass 173 and 884 are two-
Annual temporary visa
These visas are much faster, but much more expensive.
Immigration agents and lawyers at the Brisbane Immigration center Zeke Bentley explain the differences between parental visas.
\"The main difference is how much you are going to spend.
The slow road is particularly slow.
It will take 18 to 30 years.
The quick method involves the total cost of each parent between $45,000 and $55,000, which is very expensive, which is why some people choose the slow method. \"Non-
The principal applicant\'s contribution visa fee is approximately $3,900 and the cost of the dependent spouse is approximately $2,000.
Parents can stay in Australia on a bridge visa while waiting for a long stay.
\"Where the immigration department needs time to process a visa, bridging visas can be provided so that the gap between when you submit your visa and when they make a decision can be bridged.
Now, because they don\'t approve a lot of slow visas in line.
While these visas are the cheapest option, there are also unexpected risks, says Zek Bentley.
\"The main problem is that you have to pass the health and personality test when applying and when the visa is issued.
\"If a parent visa applicant has a health problem, they may be found after years of applying for a visa.
\"If 20 years later they find you in line and say we are ready to give you a visa.
They said just go get your health fund.
If you have a health problem during these 20 years, which means you haven\'t passed the health test, then suddenly you don\'t have a visa to stay in Australia.
Even if you have been here for 20 years, you have to leave the country.
\"Paying visas is much faster, and each parent spends more than $47,000.
These visas were issued within two years.
Zek Bentley says Fast visas are becoming more and more popular among his clients.
\"A quick way to get permanent residency soon means that you are entitled to a variety of social security benefits and your visa cannot really be reversed and you are entitled to citizenship.
It may be worth paying an extra £ 50 + for all these reasons to get through it, because you get the benefits of all the other things that you haven\'t done in other ways, you avoid all the risks.
\"Not all families have the ability to pay more than $100,000 to make both parents permanent residents.
Immigration lawyer Lakmal Isuru this incident from Brisbane-
The migration based on Sirus says there is a broken fast route available.
\"If parents are still working age, they can apply for a temporary visa category of 173 or 884, which initially cost them only $29,130.
Well, they still have two years in Australia.
They can also use the health insurance system and they have the right to work full time.
In two years, they can make the money.
\"This option allows temporary residents to save an additional fee of $19,000 over two years in order to convert to a permanent 143 category visa.
The app is the same two non-
Payment and payment Visa.
A parent visa applicant needs a sponsor of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a qualified New Zealand citizen.
Zek Bentley, an immigration agent, explained.
\"You also need to settle here for a while.
The rule of thumb is two years.
If you can prove that you have settled here permanently, you can bring it up.
\"Visa applicants must also meet the balance of family exams.
\"It really means you have to show it to most of the families who live in Australia.
For example, if you have three children, you need to prove that two of them live in Australia.
If, on the contrary, if you have one here and two overseas, you are not eligible and you have to show most of your family that you live in Australia.
If it is equal, it is enough to have a child here and a child overseas.
\"\" Do you have a health problem and if you have a disease like this, Australia could spend $40,000 in five years . . . . . . I think HIV has been specifically excluded, but it\'s a good example of HIV being treated cheaply, its ARVs that you can buy from a pharmacy and you don\'t have to see a doctor everywhere.
Interestingly, getting HIV does not mean that you will fail in the test, and diseases like chronic back pain or cancer, if you need treatment, the cost will be very expensive, then you will be testing
\"The applicant also needs a guarantee of support.
This is actually a government bond held with Centrelink.
Payment visa applicants deposit a deposit of $10,000 for the primary applicant and $4,000 for the secondary applicant.
The bond has been in Centrelink for ten years. Whereas non-
The amount of the applicant for the payment Visa is lower, the primary applicant is $5,000 and the secondary applicant is $2,000.
The bond has been in Centrelink for two years.
This is the event of Lakmal Isuru.
\"If parents receive any government assistance, they will deduct a portion of the money from the bond itself, but the bond actually gets a little interest from the bank as well.
\"On the lower-cost visa waiting list, there are about 40,000 parents waiting slowly.
Payment visa
The Immigration and Border Protection agency said that since only 1500 visa places were provided this fiscal year, applicants could expect to wait 30 years before considering visas.
Although the higher-cost payment Visa has 7175 open places this year --
The Immigration Department estimates that it will take 12 to 24 months for these visas to be decided.
For more information on parental visa options, please visit the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection.
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