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serving christian needs

by:Newland     2019-11-12
From the little angel statue to the big statue of the mother of Jesus and Mary, as well as the small Bible pocket souvenir, to the huge frame icon --
These are all items for sale,
I-profit shop for Christian demand
Penang Avenue
This store is a live spring business offering a variety of options for Christians looking for specific items or non-specific items
Christians look for the right gift for their Christian friends.
Among the more unusual discoveries were wall-hanging from Jerusalem, decorative holy water containers from China, carved wood from the face of Jesus from Vietnam, and from Malaysia --
Make porcelain, ceramics and clay.
There are even the French clothes of the Catholic priest, the chalk of the Church and other articles of worship.
The store also features crosses and crosses, rosaries, candles and brackets, Bible plaques, photo frames, souvenirs, calendars, refrigerator magnets, pendants and necklaces, key chains, stickers, bookmarks, books and CDs.
In last October, a 51-year-old Catholic, Dr. Marina David, opened a clinic with her own dental clinic, but was looking for a way to give back to society.
\"Profit is a cause that goes to poverty and has nothing to do with religion.
This is the way I give back to the people.
\"I \'ve been looking for things related to my time and I want to open a shop because I\'m able to find items that people are interested in,\" said Dr. Marina . \".
Dr. Marina brought various items from different countries such as the Philippines, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, as well as some books and items from parts of the United States and Europe.
However, the biggest surprise for her is the series of interesting Christian items she can find herself in Malaysia, such as clay, porcelain and ceramic statues, posters, cards, bookmarks, frame pictures, refrigerator magnets, acrylic and crystal products and pewter products.
Life spring is also an agent of Rose supplier RosaryHub. There are also some items in the store that are sold through consignment.
\"We have set aside a portion of the crafts for special organizations and the money to sell their own items will be returned to them,\" said Dr. Marina . \".
Live Spring started making prayer cards for sale a few months ago.
They have also printed the church certificate now, and recently launched a box of eight different Christmas cards.
As for Christmas, the store has brought in some of the upcoming items such as the Jesus birth set, bags, decorations, wrapping paper and other items as gifts.
Living Spring enterprise is located in 1-02-21, i-
11900 Bayan rebasi, Penang, Dr. avang Avenue, galandon.
For more information, please call 04-6410121.
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